Responding to Mr. Hatfield's letter, and homelessness in general, Tracy seems to have lived several lives. The first was a train town, with a focus on ag. Then as a bedroom community, for Bay Area commuters willing to hang on for an extra hour, and live in a nicer home for cheap. The most recent, which I attribute to the past 10 or so years, is a place to live and work. This concept remains aspirational, as many generations of leadership have pointed out during campaign season. The city’s developers continue building homes designed for Bay Area salaries, whilst the people who have managed to find work here locally often cannot afford the homes. Our planning commission and council have continued to approve plans that have high-density and affordable housing included, but when it comes time to actually build, the developer removes it from the plan. There is a bevy of unaddressed work and housing concerns in Tracy. Even if Harder is able to help bring job training, will the job you get training for be available without a 1-3 hour drive, or train ride? Amazon provides lots of working opportunities for those that can afford to live east of us, but how about jobs and projects that support the skilled, college-educated members of the community in Tracy?

Jacob Hunter, Tracy

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