Details for PUBLIC NOTICE #0722

#0722 NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF GOODS TO SATISFY LIEN AUCTION LOCATION: 1305 PESCADERO AVE., TRACY, CA. 95304 In accordance with the provisions of the California Commercial Code, Sections 7201-7210, notice is hereby given that on Friday, December 10, 2021 at the hour of 10:00 am of said date, at 1305 Pescadero Ave., City of Tracy, County of San Joaquin, State of CA, the undersigned will sell at public auction for cash, in lawful money of the United States, the articles hereinafter described, belonging to, or deposited with, the undersigned by the persons hereinafter named at Clutter, INC. Said goods are being held on the accounts of: Elvira Belle Borovik, Danika Mccalley, Evelyn Delaney, Jacquan Watson, Sean Ortega, Aileen Chan, Adam Ludwig, Cheri Hardison, Christian Borneman, Elena Armas, Roy Nadeau, Mahmoud Elbalawy, Yameng Zhang, Jason Ray Pascua, Symphani Lindsey, Valerie White, Jhordan Stoutmire, Margaux Carpenter, Marla Hartley, Terrance Slocum, Catherine Zhang, Find Findsen, Curtis Yates, Curren Bates, Bernice Becerra, Nilly Gordon, Athena Frost, Darvin / Erin Scott, Lara Gabrielle, VAUGHN ANGLIN.. All other goods are described as household goods, furniture, antiques, appliances, tools, misc goods, office furniture, and articles of art, equipment, rugs, sealed cartons and the unknown. The auction will be made for the purpose of satisfying the lien of the undersigned on said personal property to the extent of the sum owed, together with the cost of the sale. For information contact Clutter, INC. Terms: Cash only with a 15% buyer’s premium. Inspection at sale time. Payment and removal day of sale. Auction conducted by American Auctioneers, Dan Dotson & Associates (800) 838-SOLD, (909) 790-0433 or Bond #FS863-20-14. /S/ Clutter, INC 11/26, 12/3/21 CNS-3531813# TRACY PRESS



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