It is sickening to me that one American political party (the Democrats) and our local congressman, Josh Harder, are on record as refusing to condemn violence and riots.

The date of June 26, 2020, should live in infamy as the day when Harder and every Democrat in the House of Representatives refused to condemn the recent riots and violence.

It is appalling that Harder could not support a GOP resolution to condemn George Floyd’s killing, support peaceful protests, condemn the violence, support public order and back funding the police.

Everyone should read this resolution and ask themselves why Harder and every House Democrat opposed it.

It doesn’t take a triple-digit IQ to figure out that many Democrat office-holders– such as the mayors of Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis and the governors of their states -- were fine with the riots and violence because they thought it made President Trump look bad. In other words, they hate Trump more than they love their cities and people.

Parts of today’s Democrat-Media Complex think violence is an acceptable political tool. Former CNN political host Reza Aslan, said, “If they even TRY to replace RBG (Justice Ruth Ginsburg) we burn the entire f------ thing down.”

If Josh Harder can’t muster the courage to condemn riots, looting and violence and threats from ill-tempered reporters, there should be no place for him in Congress. I will be voting for Dr. Ted Howze, a veterinarian who condemns riots and violence, and supports our police.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

Editor’s note: This is House Resolution 1023, “Calling for justice for George Floyd, and condemning violence and rioting.” Congress did not vote on this resolution, but did vote on a procedural action on June 25, with House Democrats prevailing, that prevented this resolution from moving forward for House consideration. Text of HR 1023 is here, and a record of House actions that day is here.

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