Due to COVID-19, the Stanislaus County Academic Decathlon was a virtual event. Hailed as the biggest academic event for local high schools, the decathlon is a series of tests, speeches and interviews featuring this year’s theme, “The Cold War.” Speech and Interview presentations were conducted by Zoom, while essay and objective testing were completed online. Students continued their late-night study sessions and team practices remotely.

Co-Sponsored by the Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE), E. & J. Gallo Winery and Mocse Credit Union, the decathlon promotes interschool competition in academics and is supported through contributions made by businesses and the community. According to SCOE Student Events Manager Cheryl Goulart, the goal of the decathlon is to stimulate intellectual growth and scholastic success. “The competition is open to all students, not just the top-achievers,” she said. “Our objective is to recognize student achievement and to emphasize the positive dimensions of education.”

Participating schools send a total of nine members to serve as the core team – up to three students in each of three categories, based on grade point averages. Schools may send as many alternate participants as they choose. Eleven local high schools participated in this year’s event

Language and Literature

Honors Fourth, Lee Qin

Scholastic Fifth, Evelyn Quiterio

Alternate Silver, Diego Ortiz


Scholastic Silver, Rachael Cross

Alternate Bronze, Diego Ortiz


Scholastic Bronze, Henry Dang

Alternate Bronze, Diego Ortiz


Honors Bronze, Lee Qin

Scholastic Fourth, Rachael Cross


Honors Bronze, Francisco Ortiz


Honors Fourth, Lee Qin

Scholastic Fifth, Rachael Cross


Scholastic Fifth, Rachael Cross


Scholastic Fifth, Rachael Cross

Team High Point Winner

Lee Qin

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