The nice people from Westside Animals for Adoption took me, Nitro, on a walk around downtown Patterson last week. Oh my, it was so much fun as I experienced all sorts of new sights, sounds, and smells.

I rode in a van all the way to town in my crate and I liked it. Because I did so well on the ride and behaved myself, they took me out and gave me a treat!! Sometimes I can be a little wild when people put a leash on me, but the treats helped me get through the leashing part of the walk.

I met some new humans and dogs and did so well they gave me more treats!! I LOVE treats!!!

They were so happy with me and I could tell they were proud of me. I was not scared and I made sure I was very good so they would give me more treats, it was great!!

One time I did walk by a house, and there were dogs barking at me and pounding against their window, I watched and was a little concerned because, I did not know if they could get out and get me, but my human assured me it was okay, so I went with her and everything was okay. Humans are great; they will protect me and take me to fun places.

And did I mention they gave me treats!!?!! I loooove humans; somehow they can stretch out their hands and treats come out of their fingers.

After our long walk, I felt a little tired, and so happy because my adventure did not stop there. The people love to eat treats too, so we stopped at a nice place called Blues Café where they allow dogs to sit outside with their people at tables. I REALLY wanted some of their food, but I was good and did not beg, because I know they never share their food with me. But they did keep giving me dog treats as I sat there and behaved, while they talked and laughed.

There was a little boy that walked by me, and he was interested in me, but he kept jumping around and doing all sorts of odd things which concerned me. Once again my human said it was okay, so I settled down. I will eventually meet one of those little people, but for now, they just let me look at a distance.

After my walkabout, I went back to my home where I stay with another human, and played with her dogs. Sometimes I’m a little rough when playing, but really it’s because I’m having so much fun. I didn’t mean to leap on top of my play partner’s head. It just happens.

I like to settle down at my human’s feet in the evening most of the time. Sometimes when she plays on her drums, I just sit and stare and stare. That sound is so weird. Then I walk right into my crate to sleep at night. I only potty outside, but she seems concerned I will go inside, but I don’t want to go inside, I only go outside. Sometimes I’ve ripped up my blankets, but so far I can tell the difference between my blankets and her stuff.

They keep telling me that my new family will come for me soon, but I have to be a good boy. I sure hope my new family comes to get me soon, I will be so good and so happy. I dream at night of my own humans. A tolerant doggie play partner would be fun, and I wouldn’t mind older little people (aka teenagers), because they would be the best match for my energy. I will be oh so good for them, and in my dreams they have a mountain of treats that they keep feeding me.

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