Dear Editor,

I read with interest the recent letter to the editor from Wasminda Nunez. As a third generation Pattersonian, I felt compelled to reply to some of her concerns.

Welcome to Patterson: On this note, Wasminda made a great observation. Every town would like to welcome it’s guests and residences in an attractive manner. And there was a time when Patterson did just that. Particularly from its west entrance off of I-5. There were lush green fields and orchards full of fresh fruit and vegetables that have now been paved over by the development of huge concrete warehouses and fast food restaurants, not to mention the cookie cutter housing developments and traffic associated with this intrusion. Nothing could be less welcoming, but there it is!

A reservoir attracting wildlife and contributing to putting food on everyones table would certainly be a lot more attractive, as well as providing a great resource to the community.

Pollution: Wasminda is once again spot on in her observation of pollution. The addition of so many commuter houses and distribution warehouses to Patterson has brought with it HEAPS of pollution including traffic, air, and noise. And it has also overwhelmed our infrastructure. The pollution caused by all this additional traffic has now become a permanent problem and will not simply disappear in a couple years time. Whereas the construction of a dam would be only temporary and the emissions from the construction equipment is all regulated by CARB as well.

I would be interested in knowing how many of Wasmindas’ Family members, three households worth, commute to work out of town, contributing to our pollution problems. Myself, I commute to work on my bicycle, weather permitting, having to breathe the commuters emissions.

Safety: Wasminda also made a great point about everyones desire to live in a safe community. However, Patterson could use more improvement in that area. There was the time when we could go to retail outlets and shop freely. But now, many items are kept under lock and key because of such a raise in theft.

As for dam safety, I am confident that it will be engineered to a much higher standard than any house in this town. And I would be willing to bet that no builder or real estate agent ever offered a 100% guarantee that anyones house would not burn, be flooded, or shaken to bits, but yet we all live in one of those houses. Makes me wonder how we can sleep at night.

Thank you,

H. G. Ellery

Patterson resident

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