I am Pastor of the New Covenant Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ located in Brooklyn, New York. I have known Shawun Ruth Anderson for the past 10 years. She is the COO of Take Your Sister 2 Lunch, Sister’s INC., in which I am happy to be a part of. She has been a Community Program Manager for 23 years.

Shawun is an efficient, detailed – oriented and extremely competent young lady. She is serious about any task she takes on. Shawun is a go-getter. She does not stop until the job has been completed. She has well organized all our Take Your Sister 2 Lunch events which has always turned out successfully.

Shawun was brought up in a Christian household and was taught to love the people, help those who need help and to please God. She has a love and compassion for people. Where there is a need, Shawun is there to help meet that need. During this pandemic Shawun has created jobs for others through Zoom. Shawun is not easily persuaded by negative talk. In fact, it energizes her to keep focused and complete the task. She will fight for what is right and she will fight for all the people, the young, middle aged and the elderly.

In summary, I highly recommend Shawun for the position of councilperson. She truly has a servant’s heart. She will be an asset to any community she serves.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Pastor Vanessa Ellis

Brooklyn, New York resident

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