Andrew “Andy” Scott Ross passed away peacefully on April 20th, 2021 as the sun rose, while being held by the love of his life, Brandee Nanney.

Andy was born in Salinas, CA and he and his family eventually settled in the small town of Patterson, his true hometown. He and his family moved into their home on Thrush Drive 20 years ago when he was in middle school. Andy was a punk rock skater boy whose only goal was to get the attention of the blonde haired, blue eyed girl next door. He did anything he could to catch her attention, even going so far as  pretending to parasail past her house with a bed sheet and skateboard on a windy day just to see if she would look his way. He and Brandee quickly became best friends, childhood sweethearts, and eventually they became each other's worlds.

The very first Valentine’s Day they spent together, Brandee knew she had met “the one”. Andy cut out about 50 paper hearts and wrote one thing he loved about her on each heart and read each one aloud. He played her the song “Do You Remember” by Jack Johnson and they both surprised each other with the same exact Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. That’s how in sync they were from the beginning.

Andy was an old soul with a kind heart who loved music and would always put on random songs to slow dance with Brandee. He never missed a chance to compliment her and let her know how much he loved her. He had the best gift ideas and could never wait for Brandee to open his gifts, usually making her open her gifts several days before any holiday.

Andy was a big kid at heart and you could always catch him with his nieces, nephews, and any other kid who wanted to join in on the fun. He loved going to the beach, finding hidden treasures at flea markets and thrift stores, camping, and anything that involved the outdoors. He was our official “fireworks technician” for the 4th of July, survival “expert”, and was always reminding everyone to “stay hydrated” on hot summer days. 

Andy enjoyed days in the pool with the kids, Nerf gun wars in the neighborhood, and watching the kids ride their dirt bikes and quads in the open fields across from the home he and Brandee had just bought. He was proud of the life he had built with Brandee and their fur baby, Lilly. He loved Lilly just as much as he loved his nieces and nephews and always involved her in playtime with the kids.

Andy has joined some of the great ones we have lost over the years, including his dad, David Ross, his beloved Grandma Jo, and his father-in-law, Cliff Nanney. We know he is loved as much in heaven as he is here on earth.

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