For the first time this season Patterson girls’ volleyball falls in straight sets to Buhach Colony (16-4). Buhach has played more than twice the number of games as the Tigers.

“Maybe their chemistry is little better than ours but as far as gameplay and skill I feel like we could’ve kept up. I just think our heads weren’t in it tonight and it showed with our play style, people weren’t moving their feet and covering the floor efficiently,” said head coach Caleb Moore.

The Tigers looked a half-step too slow far too often and were on their heels defensively all night.

The team will need to have a good showing in a pivotal junction of their schedule. They play three straight road games that will feature double digit win teams, El Capitan and Golden Valley, after playing Merced.

The game against Golden Valley starts their second round of matchups against league teams and the second round of games are always known to be tougher.

Patterson v. Merced

Rayne Tago, 5 blocks, 4 kills and 2 digs

Rylee Cozart, 9 digs, 1 ace

On Tuesday’s 3-0 loss against Merced, coach Moore said, “We need to collect ourselves and really take advantage of this bye on Thursday to sharpen our skills and be ready for El Cap. Our front and back row need to work together more than ever this week going up against this tough opponent. Given that we have extra time to prepare, I feel like we have a good chance at competing with El Cap on Tuesday.”

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