Submitted by Roxann Le'i

Girl Scout Service Team Coordinator/SU Public Relations

On September 17, 2017, the Girl Scouts (GS) of Del Puerto Service Unit held their Court of Awards, Bridging, Investiture, and Rededication Ceremonies in the presence of their families, friends, and sister Girl Scouts at Grayson Community Center.

Silver Award

Troop 3870 was presented the Girl Scout Silver Award, the highest award a GS Cadette can attain. The scouts earned this award by identifying an issue they cared about, taking action on that issue, completing a minimum of 50 hours on the project and sharing their stories.

Troop 3870 built five buddy benches, which were installed at Apricot, Walnut Grove, Northmead, Las Palmas and Sacred Heart schools. The scouts presented the benches to the students of each school and educated them on the purpose of the benches.

The award was presented to Dalila Cisneros, Rachael Cross, Sofia Gregoris, and Morgan Lopez.

National Leadership Awards

Six Scouts were presented GS National Leadership Awards, which are attained by displaying leadership and volunteerism. The scouts listed attained these awards exceeding the minimum time of volunteerism required for each award, and not in combination with any other award.

Senior Gold & Silver Torch Award

Earned by completing one GS journey and volunteering within one organization, in a leadership role, for one year.

Troop 1669:

Janelle Ruiz

Troop 2253:

Natalie Kraft, Jayliena Le’i

Community Service Bar

Earned by volunteering a minimum of 20 hours of community service within one organization.

Troop 1669:

Julissa Medina, Heidi Perez, Janelle Ruiz

Troop 2253:

Natalie Kraft, Jayliena Le’i

Service to Girl Scouting Bar

Earned by volunteering a minimum of 20 hours within the Girl Scout Council or Service Unit: Maya Bearrup, Natalie Kraft, Jayliena Le’i.

During the ceremony, Jayliena Le’i was also recognized for five years as a GSHCC Color Guard Member and Janelle Ruiz, Gabriella Saldana, and Jayliena Le’i were presented their Religious Emblem patches for completing six months learning about and sharing their faith. Three new leaders were also welcomed or invested within the Service Unit: Patricia Gallardo & Magali Silman, who formed Troop 3276, a new Daisy Troop in Patterson; and Erica Ruiz, who will be co-leading Troop 1669 in Grayson.

Also welcomed to Girl Scouts were four new Daisies from Troops 3276 and 1669.

Troops 1669 and Troop 1689 had Scouts who bridged, or transitioned from one level of Girl Scouts to the next, and 22 Scouts reaffirmed their beliefs in the Girl Scout Promise and Law through the Rededication Ceremony.

The event ended with scouts and leaders forming a friendship circle, and partaking in light refreshments with their families.

If you would like more information about Girl Scouts please contact Roxann at 408-476-7749 or please visit

(Editor’s note: Buddy Benches are specially decorated benches placed at elementary schools to encourage inclusion and foster friendship. The idea is that someone who’s feeling lonely will sit on one, and other kids will come and sit with them.)

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