Eagle Court of Honor

Top 3 popcorn sellers pose at the Eagle Court of Honor on March 7. Left to right: Esteban Bearrup, Zackery Weeks, Jacob Gutierrez.

Once again, Boy Scout Troop 81 held their semi-annual Court of Honor at the Federated Church on Thursday, March 7. Senior Patrol Leader Esteban Bearrup and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Montaña Barron were the masters of ceremonies. Over 30 merit badges were handed out, and several scouts received rank advancements and leadership patches.

The scouts that ranked up include: Massen Diaz, Diego Gallardo, Jacob Gutierrez, and Bernardo Nuño, who received Tenderfoot; Massen Diaz, who received Second Class; Montaña Barron and Julian Ruiz, who received First Class; and Esteban Bearrup and Brandon Melo, who earned the Life Scout 


Many new troop officers were appointed at the ceremony, as well. New officers include: Senior Patrol Leader, Esteban Bearrup; Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Montaña Barron; Scribrarian, Javan Williams; Quartermaster, Julian Ruiz; Chaplain Aide, Devon Pedron and Webstorian, Brandon Melo.

Diego Gallardo received an Honor Guard Patch, as he is the newest member of the Color Guard.

Troop members were also recognized for selling popcorn, an annual fundraiser for the Scouts. Eighteen Boy Scouts from the troop sold popcorn, with a grand total of $11,730 in popcorn sales and military donations. The money earned can be used to pay for summer camp, camping trips or the Jamboree.

The generosity from the community in donations collected during the neighborhood blitzes and the many site sales at Save Mart and Walmart added up, and Troop 81 was able to purchase 14 $30 Military Donations (where Trails-End will deliver popcorn to Veterans Organizations and Troops overseas).

The three top sellers were Esteban Bearrup ($2,627.50), Zackery Weeks ($2,033.75) and Jacob Gutierrez ($1,433.75).

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