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Prom is always looked at as that one special night for girls; a high school milestone, which it is no doubt.

But what is like for the guys? There really isn’t much of a difference. They get just as nervous, and just as excited.

Talking to my older brother about prom, he says “The hardest part of Prom is getting prepared, and making sure that everything is ready. But the best part is knowing that it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m really excited to see what it’s going to be like, since I didn’t go my junior year.”

I never really thought it would be so hard to shop for a brother, my brother being one who never really seems to care what he looks like. We went to the store to look for the perfect tie. Needing to be the joker of the family, I preferred the tie with pineapple print. Most surprisingly, while I was looking at ties with pineapples and pink flamingos, my brother found a really nice one. I was surprised at how he had such good taste, without any help.

Once we got home, my mother was so excited for my brother to try on the tux. She seemed more excited than anyone, of course. It’s a mom thing.

I would tell you who my brother is going to prom with. But there seems to be this ongoing trend, about not revealing your date until the night of. Which is extremely frustrating at times, but also adds more excitement and surprise.

I decided to go to my prom senior year so I can go all out. I feel as if I would be more excited, and treasure the night more, if I only go once.

A regular prom dress can cost one hundred to four hundred dollars. Knowing my mother and grandparents, that night they would want me to look like a princess, and get something more pricey. The cost to attend prom all together ranges around four to six hundred dollars, depending on how much the individual wants to spend.

More than half of the seniors each year attend, w shows how important prom is to seniors.

The theme for this year is Enchanted, and the event will be hosted at the Enchanted Garden in Modesto. It looks like a very beautiful place to create such wonderful moments.

Speaking to some of my girlfriends about prom, they are mainly focused on the beautiful dresses, and color coordinating with their date. The most popular color that I have heard this year is red; it pops out more than most.

Last year’s prom theme was Arabian night. They had hired belly dancers, and invited me to perform. But I had to decline, it was my birthday that weekend, and I was going out of town. I would have loved to perform for the seniors of 2018.

Even though I can’t attend this year, this prom is still important to me, because I got the chance to watch my brother grow, and look like a grown man (although he’s not really grown yet) which gave my mother the satisfaction of knowing that she did a good job on raising her firstborn.

Once senior prom finally comes, I can’t wait to hear all the fun my brother had at his prom.

Just remember, going to the prom isn’t just about the dresses, makeup, tuxedos, or limos. It’s about having one special night, with all of your friends that you spent some of best years of your life with.

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