For all Pattersonites, this is something that we look forward to. Every summer, all of us gather in the downtown circle, the heart of Patterson, to celebrate the Annual Apricot Fiesta.

There are many events at this amazing festival that much of the community can participate in, such as a baking contest, art contest, food and shopping vendors, historical displays in the museum, even an arm wrestling contest, and much more.

Every year my older brother, Brandon Mckee, participates in the art competition, and has won three first places, one second place, and the best in show 2018. This amazing experience was brought to my brother through the Apricot Fiesta. This event has helped my brother grow his passion of art.

Any of the events can bring a bountiful amount of joy to yourself, and everyone. There is nothing like the Apricot Fiesta to bring us all together.

Everyone has their favorite events, at the fiesta. It can create moments that each individual can hold dear to their hearts. It becomes one of the many great memories that pops into your head when you think of Patterson.

I lived in Patterson all my life, and go to the fiesta every year. It became a family tradition, and I’m sure that it turned into a tradition for many other families, as well.

I decided to speak to Jennifer Magdaleno, a student who participates in the apricot fiesta, and goes every year. Jennifer is a sophomore at Patterson High School, is in the school band and has lived in Patterson her whole life.

Since she plays in the school marching band, she also plays in the band for apricot fiesta, and that has become her favorite part of the event. She loves the feeling of walking around town with all of her friends, seeing all the people cheer. She says that this sight “brings a huge smile to my face, and it makes me look forward to the apricot fiesta every year.”

Jennifer has also talked about some of her personal favorites, which make going each year just a little more special. She says “I love learning the history of Patterson, from seeing in-depth history, and how it developed back in 1844, to 2019.”

The Apricot Fiesta gives everyone a chance to have a great time, but it also gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about the town, that they have come to grow up in, and love.

I also spoke to Sebastian Perez, who, I found surprisingly, has the same experience and thoughts as myself regarding the Apricot Fiesta.

Sebastian Perez is a junior at Patterson High School, and has lived in Patterson for 15 years. We both share the same love for the fireworks. He says “it's because we can see them almost from wherever we are in Patterson.”

I believe, that as we all look up at the fireworks, we all share the love for our wonderful town that we call home. The Apricot Capital of the world.

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