There are some incredible people in your neighborhood right now.  A team of individuals who are creating as they go, with zero experience doing things like this... well everyone, they are hitting it out of the park.  

These folks are feeding thousands of children every single day, despite the complete school system shutdown.  From parking lots, with gloves on and masks and big fat dedicated hearts. The PJUSD Food Service Team of employees has not been at home, as most PJUSD employees are, no, these folks are at work every single day.

They are distributing lunches, suppers plus breakfasts for the next morning, safely to parents.  No stipulations, no requirements.  Mom doesn’t need to show some sort of ID, she doesn’t need to have the kids in the car with her, she can pick up meals for her own family and even for her neighbors or for all her brother’s kids, because he’s an essential worker and can’t get to the school.  

These people are truly making a difference. They have made it as smooth as possible for our community of students to eat during this strange strange chapter of our lives.   

They are doing this with no pre-practiced protocols, there was no training for this: this is not normal. Nothing is normal. And these folks, from the Director to the Manager to the line staff, are winging it. With no experience in anything even close to this, they’ve all been ….making it work.

Stress, maybe even anxiety is kinda evident during their daily preparation, as they put together these rows and rows and rows of meals.  They work quickly, they’re focused.  But then, then comes the good stuff:  love and compassion are clearly evident as parents drive-thru. It’s beautiful.

As we see the nation struggling to find supplies and materials, so too is Patterson’s food service dept--food certainly, but they’ve also had to craft methods of transporting and logistic operations and manpower at new work locations, and serving families outside, everyday, in parking lots.

Give it up for these angels - I’m humbled to watch them and feeling terribly blessed for our community.

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