“What’s your plan?” As part of the United Patterson Initiative, when our students are out in the community, they are likely to be asked this question.

Apricot Valley Jaguars are prepared to respond! Whether on our campus or out in the community, you may hear them say, “I’m going to college!”

Our district strategic plan lays the foundation for our students to truly become college and career ready.

Every student will have the opportunity to develop a digital career portfolio. Depending on the grade level, students’ portfolios include artifacts such as, pictures, slideshows, brochures, posters, and essays.

By the time our students graduate, they will have a plan. As a member of the No Excuses University network, Apricot Valley is committed to improving postsecondary outcomes for our students. We take them to visit colleges, facilitate college conversations, and host college-focused rallies.

Apricot Valley teachers are committed to our school-wide focus on goal setting.

At minimum, each teacher selects five target students to establish goals with. Student goals may be academic, social, or behavioral.

Some teachers set class goals like increasing attendance or moving performance levels on assessments.

Others work directly with their students to develop their own individual goals.

Our Library Media Tech, Theresa Cagle, also known as the “Funbrarian,” also promotes reading goals, visiting classrooms to give Accelerated Reader awards to students who achieve their reading goals.

What’s the value of having students set goals? Dr. Lisa Salsman, second-grade teacher, reflects on her students’ responses to goal setting. “It's powerful even for 7- and 8-year-olds to be excited when they realize that they've accomplished a goal that they have set for themselves.”

How are goals set for students with disabilities? Mrs. Jessica Fontaine, Special Education Teacher for students with severe disabilities responds, “It is my goal as a teacher to write attainable goals that also push my students to expand their knowledge and will lead towards allowing them to have independent skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.”

Whether short-term, individualized, or class-wide, Apricot teachers and students benefit through the development and attainment of goals.

Our students have so many gifts and talents that just need to be cultivated.

With guidance and motivation, they can achieve at high levels and succeed beyond our expectations.

Planning a future is no small feat, but setting goals at a young age paves the way for success in college, career, and in life.

Goals become plans, plans become dreams, and dreams become reality.

Watch out for those Jaguars….ROAR!!!

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