Team Up to Clean Up

A volunteer crew assembled to clean up Autumn Royal Park on Heartland Ranch Parkway on Sat., Feb. 22. The event was the first of a series of planned clean-ups of local parks.

Last Saturday, Feb. 22, was a beautiful morning and the City of Patterson’s Recreation Department, in conjunction with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints held their first "Team Up to Clean Up" event, at Autumn Royal Park on Heartland Ranch Parkway.

Patti Schueller, recreation specialist at the City of Patterson said, after going out into the community and viewing all the parks, they felt that Autumn Royal Park needed the most attention and they should start there.

Jason Hayward, recreation coordinator said this event is for community engagement and that everyone is invited to come out. Hayward said about twenty-five volunteers of all ages showed up to help.

The recreation department staff, church members and community members were out in full force picking up trash, pulling weeds, raking brush and spreading compost that was derived from crushed walnuts.

Another Recreation Specialist, Karen Garcia said, with so much trash in the park the younger helpers turned picking up trash into a treasure game to see who could find the largest piece of trash in the park.

Six-year-old Kylee Silcox said she was having fun helping clean up the park and would do it again. Her older brother Porter Silcox shyly said this clean-up was much needed and he too was enjoying cleaning the park on such a beautiful morning.

One church member, sixteen-year-old Paige Todd brought along her best friend, seventeen-year-old Kashia Lopez to help, and the girls were all smiles as they spread compost on the ground around the trees.

Bishop Joel Andrews brought the boys from his youth group at the church, and said the efforts of everyone were very successful and they had gotten more done than they expected.

With so many parks in Patterson, projects of this nature are greatly needed and Hayward said that as long as the weather permits, "Team Up to Clean Up" events will be occurring the third Saturday of every month, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

While working at these events you can also use those hours as volunteer hours.

If you or your youngsters want to get involved with "Team Up to Clean Up" events to help keep all our parks in pristine condition, please contact Jason Hayward at (209) 895-8083 for the next park location.

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