The garden display area at the Stanislaus County Fair showcases quite a number of striking mini-gardens, among many other impressive exhibits. Visitors to the floral display building and accompanying outdoor area strolled through the shady area Sunday afternoon, enjoying both the displays and the respite from the heat. Many stopped to admire the various creations, but there was one in particular that caught the attention of visitors of all ages: The Patterson Garden Club’s Fantasy Garden, which features a life-size lady created almost entirely from plants. Her equally lifelike shoes, placed next to her, are comprised of succulents. Tiny, twinkling lights hang from the ceiling, and a stone pathway leads from the front of the display off into the distance at the back.

The creation garnered first place in the Fantasy Garden category, Best of Show for senior entries and Best of Show Overall, Gardens.

Current Recording Secretary and past President Ida Tucker said that Lupe Villevas, a Garden Club member, “had the basis of the lady in her garden and we started with that.” The group has met “several times in the past 6 weeks to come up with ideas to fill out the garden.”

Eight Garden Club members worked four days from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., setting up the display. Club members are taking turns watering and checking on their creation.

Tucker expressed gratitude to the Garden Club members: “We need to thank everyone for their hard work, and especially Lyssa Sabia and Lupe Villevas, for their amazing creativity and talent.”

The garden will be on display for the duration of the Fair, which ends Sunday evening.

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