Long-lost Charlie comes home

Charlie poses with his family and the two officers who worked together, and with Stanislaus County Animal Services, to bring him back home on Saturday, Nov. 9. Left to right: Officer Olvera, K9 Officer-in-training Deputy Wilson and the Delgado family. Far right: Charlie's owner, Eva Delgado. Photo taken in the Stanislaus County Animal Services parking lot.

“Yesterday, our very own Deputy Wilson and Modesto Police Department Animal Control Officer Olvera assisted the Delgado family by tracking down their dog Charlie, who went missing nearly eight months ago,” Sgt. Osmonson said via text today, Sunday, November 10.

No less than three agencies worked together to solve the case of the long-lost Charlie: the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department (via Patterson Police Services), the Modesto Police Department and Stanislaus County Animal Services.

The Delgado family reached out to the Patterson Police Department, which is contracted through the Sheriff’s Department, and reported seeing a dog who looked like Charlie, pictured above: a little brown-and-white dog with black button eyes and cockeyed ears.

“He ran off nearly eight months ago, and the Delgado family has been distraught ever since,” Osmonson said. “Through some awesome detective work and multi-agency coordination, Deputy Wilson and Officer Olvera were able to locate the dog at a house in Modesto and confirm through the dog’s implanted microchip that it was, in fact, Charlie.”

Both Deputy Wilson and Officer Olvera were at the Animal Services parking lot on Cornucopia Way in Modesto Saturday afternoon to reunite Charlie with the Delgado family after his long absence.

Deputy Wilson, who clearly has a special affinity for dogs, is a “K9 agitator:” a K9 officer-in-training, who plays the role of “bad guy” during police dog training, wearing what is known as a bite suit.

“Way to go, Deputy Wilson and Officer Olvera, for going the extra mile!!!!” Osmonson said. “Thank you for the hard work for man’s best friend!!” he added. “Deputy Wilson and Officer Olvera rock!!”

“This rescue would not have been possible,” Osmonson added, “had the Delgado family not properly registered their dog with Stanislaus County.”

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