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Fueled by 11 students winning individual awards at the Stanislaus County Academic Decathlon, the Patterson High team placed fourth overall.

Each team is made up of three students in each GPA category. The GPA categories are broken down into three parts. Honors includes those students with GPAs ranging from 3.75-4.0. Scholastic includes the 3.0-3.74 GPA group and varsity included 2.99 and below GPA students. 

Each school was entitled to include an infinite number of students classified as alternates.

The Stanislaus Academic Decathlon included 30-minute multiple choice tests in the subjects of art, economics, music, language and literature, mathematics, science and social science.

Each team member was required to give a planned four-minute speech, a two-minute impromptu speech, a seven-minute interview, and was asked to write an expository essay in a timed 50-minute structure.

The Super Quiz was the final event of the decathlon. It was open to the public and featured questions from all the subject matters present in the multiple-choice tests.

The event was held over the course of two days. The first day took place on Jan. 17 at Gregori High School. The day’s activities included the speech and interview portion of the contest.

The final day of competition was held on Feb. 1 at Johansen High School. This day included all the subject area tests as well as the Super Quiz, and finally, the awards ceremony.

Individual results

 Alex Alvarez Speech 3rd place, Essay 5th Place Scholastic Category

 Jerynne Cenario Essay 2nd place Honors Category

 Rachael Cross Music 1st place Alternate Category

 Junior Cruz Literature 1st place, Science 1st place, Math 4th place, Economics 5th place, Varsity Category

 Shelby Graham Science 1st place, Essay 4th place, Math 4th place, Economics 5th place, Art 5th place, Social Science 5th place, Varsity Category

 Adrian Ornelas Economics 2nd place Alternates Category

 Lee Qin Highest Scoring Alternate member, Essay 1st place, Art 1st place, Science Social 3rd place, Science 4th place, Literature 4th place Alternate Category

 Tyson Rollins Math 4th place Varsity Category

 Izaac Ruiz Economics 5th place Alternate Category

 Hamera Shabbir Best Essay, High Point Champion for PHS, Essay 1st place, Literature 3rd place, Economics 4th place, Honors Category

 Michael Trudrung Essay 1st place, Speech 1st place Scholastic Category

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