Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart Church. Patterson Irrigator file photo.

Sacred Heart School has announced that the following students have earned awards for December:

Excellence, Obedience

Kindergarten: Peyton Beltran, Tenley Filippini

First grade: Amelia Genasci, Isabela Martinez

Second grade: Mia Azevedo, John Barbaste

Third grade: Izabel Furtado, Cassandra Ruiz

Fourth grade: Jorge Garcia, Madisson Morales

Fifth grade: Weston Brush, Aiden Phillips

Sixth grade: Sophia Arroyo, Jordan Raudio

Seventh grade: Ariann Chao, Annelise Truxton

Eighth grade: Justina Fernandez Guevarra, Hailey Jimenez

Spirit: Imaginative/Creative, 2019

Kindergarten: Anthony Gemoya, Guadalupe Navarro Ceja

First grade: Coraline Anderson, Ezra Furtado

Second grade: LJ DelDon, Rocky Perez

Third grade: Justin Hinojosa, Hunter Perez

Fourth grade: James Lara, Luxston Shake, Vidal Villarreal

Fifth grade: Angeline Watson

Sixth grade: Adaly Navarro, Fatima Navarro Ceja

Seventh grade: Hailey Kolding, Valeria Meza

Eighth grade: Jessica Coble, Elizabeth Emehiser

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