Throughout the history of humanity, some moments cause a shift in how we do life. Historical “moments” like Pearl Harbor kicking off World War II, and the atom bomb ending it.

There are also personal moments. Surrendering my life to Jesus at age 18, saying “I do” to Janet, the births of my children, and that phone call to move to Patterson to plant a campus for New Life.

Moments that changed my life forever.

Easter has lots of themes like a new birth, hope, life, or the power of the resurrection. But here’s the deal. No matter what theme we want to attach to Easter… EVERYTHING changed after that resurrection moment. That moment caused a shift to take place in the world. And most of us completely underestimate the miraculous magnitude of Jesus Christ coming to life and walking out of that tomb.

He IS risen… INDEED! I’ve heard “indeed” my whole life, and do you know what it means? It means, “that’s a fact” or, “that’s the reality”. It’s said to amplify and emphasize what was just said...He is RISEN! And it’s THE greatest miracle of all time. And THE greatest moment of all time.

Let’s look at some of the miracles of that day Jesus rose from the grave. First, the miracle of Easter took away power from your past. So many people are still walking around feeling like they’re damaged goods, and they eventually stop believing that they can ever overcome the effects and shame of their past.  

Maybe that’s you. You’re looking back and seeing something that got lost or stuck back “there”, and now you’re not sure if it can be restored. Maybe you did some things or got involved in certain activities or lifestyles, and now you see that behavior happening again, and you’ve pretty much accepted THAT as your life.  

You’ve said to yourself, “I can’t change. My past will always and forever have its hold over me.”

If you find yourself in that situation this Easter, the Bible says, “Don’t give up!”

Easter is the living proof that a resurrection miracle is available to overcome these kinds of odds. The Bible declares there is a loving heavenly Father who is ready and willing to adopt you into a spiritual family.

Another miracle of Easter is that it offers us an everlasting love.

To put it simply, we as humans struggle to comprehend the kind of love that God has for us. Even though humans are capable of great love, we tend to love those most who are most lovable. But God’s love is different.

First, his love for us is incomparably greater than any love we could ever have for Him or anyone else. He says there is no place we can go to escape it. Nowhere. We can’t hide from His love…we can’t even run away from His love.

Second, God’s love for us is not based on anything we’ve done to be considered worthy of his love. God doesn’t love you because you are lovable. He doesn’t love you because of anything you’ve done. He doesn’t love you because of who you are. He loves you because He IS love. It’s who He is. It’s part of His DNA.

Lastly, the miracle of Easter invites me to live in hope. Easter is a celebration of the fact that God has power over death and he brings hope for today and tomorrow. It changes everything! If Jesus can beat death, He can beat anything. He can take your defeats and turn them to victory. He can rebuild your life, and restore your joy. The miracle of Easter changes everything! Will you allow it to be the beginning of change inside you?

The ope and miracle of Easter is this - John 3:16-17 (NLT)“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.  

Tune in this Sunday to our online Easter experience at 9 a.m. at to hear the greatest story ever told…God bless!

By Pastor Jeremy Moore, New Life Christian Center Church. Sermon Notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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