Let’s just start with some pleasant news in what to date has been a gloomy month of June.

A real highlight is the nomination of Patterson High graduate Alexis Atsilvsgi Zaragoza to serve as the 47th student representative on the UC Board of Regents. She would begin her term in July 2021.

Now a student at UC Berkeley majoring in geography, she served as vice president of the Associated Students when attending Modesto Junior College. While there, she was the keynote speaker at the school’s Hispanic Education Conference.

Two years ago, Zaragoza was appointed to the California Community Colleges Board of Governors and thus gained experience serving in the field where high-level educational decisions are made.

She is the first student from MJC to be nominated for so lofty a position. She was selected from among a list of 87 candidates nominated. The regents will make the final decision.

A hearty congratulations to this young woman.


That would be the current state of our nation – with its mass demonstrating against law enforcement.

We need law enforcement, and most of what we have are dedicated officers who need public support. Defunding their agencies is a terrible idea.


I don’t always open my Facebook messages, but this one from Patti Dunn caught my attention.

It was the photo of a delicious-looking fresh apricot pie that immediately awoke my taste buds.

Thanks, Patti.


Our own Joe Dias gets added to our list of 90-plussers, having racked up nine decades of living in the same rural Patterson house where he was born.

Joe is a life-long Patterson resident – leaving here only when drafted into the Army, where he served a couple of years. He has an excellent memory of days of yore that includes some of our early families. He turned 90 on June 4.

But we lost a local resident who should have been on the list but wasn’t. That was Doris Idella Addington, who died June 3 at a Turlock nursing home at age 93. She had resided here for 50 years.

Readers are asked to tip us off of others who should be on the list, which numbers nearly 70.


Our Persons of Maturity remember when every little kid on the block had a tricycle.

Where I grew up, we even had tricycle races until we turned about 6. We raced from one end of the block to the other. And yes, sometimes there were tears from the losers.


It’s all about money.

Reading the sports pages daily is like reading the business section. Labor negotiations will determine if and when MLB, the NFL and the NBA begin their seasons and who will be paid what.

Sure, the owners are rich, but how rich? And many players are making big bucks – but need to play to earn them.

Then consider the poor guy usually selling popcorn.


An email arrived with an Auntie Acid cartoon that read:

“I think it’s time to put the Christmas tree up and call it a freaking year.”

Now, that’s a thought!

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at ronkay@gvni.com.

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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