The Patterson Planning Commission will have its plate full when it meets tonight (Thursday) at 7 o’clock in City Hall.

Our planners will consider three major developments proposed out toward the freeway. They include:

1. Patterson Travel Center, located south of the Sperry-Rogers Road intersection. Proposed is a fueling station with 12 auto islands and eight more for trucks, plus a three-bay maintenance building for trucks. A 9,735-square-foot convenience store and a 3,310-square-foot restaurant including a drive-thru and a 100-foot sign also are planned.

The facility would be open 24/7. A public hearing will be held at the meeting.

2. Another hearing is planned for BTH Properties Auto Storage proposed for a 224-acre site just south of Zacharias Road between the California Aqueduct and the Delta-Mendota Canal. It would provide outdoor space for vehicle storage.

The project is proposed in two phases. The first would include a 12,800-square-foot office building and storm drainage infrastructure. No dismantling of vehicles would be allowed, and vehicles would be sold from the site in the same condition they are received. The second phase would include another office building of the same size.

3. The third agenda item is further consideration of the Palms Plaza project on the north side of Sperry Avenue near the Flying J facility. That parcel is 12.29 acres in size.

It would include a hotel of 104 rooms with an adjacent event center of 9,500-square-feet. Also proposed are eight buildings to accommodate retail, a restaurant, and general office space.

The planners will undertake an architectural and site review and a conditional use permit. Previous approval of the project was given a year ago.

No doubt about it, Patterson’s west side is on the move.


I must admit that while glued to the Senate impeachment trial on the telly, I’m getting sicker of it by the minute.

It is a trial in name only. A trial is when all the facts are presented, witnesses chosen by each side, and material evidence is made available and may be challenged.

That, of course, isn’t what is happening this week in our nation’s capital.


It appears to be anniversary time around Patterson.

Late last month the city noted its 100th anniversary of incorporation as a public body. And the local American Legion post was just getting organized at this time 100 years ago.

That’s not to mention our Chamber of Commerce incorporated in 1920, and the Patterson Masonic Lodge held its first meeting here on Aug. 12 of the same year. It was followed by a dinner in the social hall of the Presbyterian Church.

The Patterson Boy Scout program began in 1917, but had several breaks in tenure over the years. And the Patterson Township Historical Society turned 50 this past year.

And we should not overlook our Apricot Fiesta. The first celebration was in 1971, which makes this year’s event No. 50.


The recent passing of two local natives and Patterson High graduates drops the count on our 90-plus list.

Final rites for Evelyn Vargas, 92, were held late last week. The 1946 graduate was a lifelong Patterson resident.

Now comes word of the death at age 98 of Louise Barbaste Bicary, a member of the local high school class of 1939. She had made her home in Chino after moving from here in 1998.


Persons of Maturity will certainly remember the days when school classes didn’t begin until 9 a.m.

They also continued throughout the day until about 4 p.m., with an hour break for us to hustle home for lunch.


Isn’t it amazing how quickly the sports commentators can come up with statistical information that is decades old?

We can be told of some record being set – good or bad – within minutes (or sometimes seconds) of the action.

Ah, the age of computers!


Eric Langstaff last Sunday reminded the congregation of the Federated Church that the PPC (Patterson Procrastinators Club) will be meeting at his house Jan. 29 – the fifth Wednesday of the month.

Good for Eric. I’m the PPC president, and I have less than a week to plan the agenda. That’s cutting it short.

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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