Ron Swift

I want to thank readers who have assisted me these past few years in keeping up our local 90-plus list.

It has been a listing of Patterson-area residents (or former residents) who have become nonagenarians. And we have had more than you might think. The list currently numbers 70 – and I know it isn’t complete.

The latest addition is longtime West Side and Patterson resident Mary Pat Thompson. She has lived near family in South Carolina for the past few years. Some will remember her as owning the Eagle Drug Store with her late husband Jim for many years. She turned 90 in April.

So here is the updated list, and again, please contact me with additions and deletions.

Mike Alberti, Deolinda “Del” Alves, Loreene Alves, Manuel Alves, Marguerite Apland, Zora Arredondo, Corina Azevedo, Eleanor Bays, Gene Bays, Margaret Bernard;

Vera Bettencourt (102), Phyllis Breves, Hazel Bruce, Bertha Burch, Pat Burch, Micaela Trevino Cantu, Antonette Carcelio, Mary Carlson, Daniel Carroll, Jane Chaney;

Lorene Cole, Barbara Cherron, Jim D’Anna, Brice Draper, Mimi Draper, Joe Dias, Bob English, Rita Etchepace, Marilyn Ettleman, Thelma Fitzsimmons (101);

Agritima Guerra, Adeline Kempton, Bob Kimball, Velma Klein, Laurence Kolding (101), George Kosko, Virginia Lanfranki, Ciro Mancuso, Sr., Jack McConnell, Willie Mae Mellinger;

Bob Messer, Nelda Mitchell, Adelina Montoya, Jim Napley, Ken Nordell, Melba Osnes, Verna Kaye Paive, Bonnie Parker, Sam Parker, Tom Perez;

Lena Peters, Richard Pires, Betty Prevostini, Jeannette Powell, Hazel Raynor, Dorothy Reis, Allen Roberts, Alexjandro Rodriguez, Anthony Rose, Leo Rovedatti;

Louisa Sarasqueta, Selma Smith, Mary Pat Thompson, Arlie Turner, Frances Tyler, Isabel Vieira, Vivian Wheeland, Thomas Whitfield, Elsie Williams and Katie Williams.


Only our Persons of Maturity who are right up there in years will remember this one.

When motels first opened along highways, motorists who stopped to rent a room for the night often first asked to see the room. They gave it a brief cleanliness inspection before committing themselves for the night.

I was really young, but I recall these incidents. I had an uncle who would turn down the spread. If he saw any evidence of a bedbug, we were outta there.


I’ve seen just about all the NASCAR racing and rugby I want to witness on the telly.

NASCAR is easy enough to follow, with cars chasing a leader around an oval. But the brutal sport of rugby is down-right hard to comprehend.

Why don’t they use helmets and other padding? And nobody ever explains the terms of the game. Never.


Maybe some readers are experiencing the same problems as I do during the shutdown.

When I do go out, which is rare but occasionally necessary, I wear a mask. But then I meet Pattersonites also wearing masks which I don’t recognize. They bark out my name, but with their faces half hidden, I can’t reciprocate.

Thus to eliminate the embarrassment, I’m considering wearing a full hood with just two eye holes.

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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