Sacred Heart School, statue with kids

Irrigator file photo

The following students have earned awards for excellence, patriotism and being prayerful:

Kindergarten: Amelia Campbell, Brooklyn Rebello

First grade: Chloe DelDon, Ryu Ramos

Second grade: Moana Eteaki, A.C. Villarente

Third grade: John Maring, Samuel Navarro-Ceja

Fourth grade: Dominic Alves, Mia Mendoza Torres, Jonas Meza

Fifth grade: Michael Brooks, Nolan Keller

Sixth grade: Dannalynn Freestone, Aryan Kapoor

Seventh grade: Kimberly Estrada, Valeria Meza

Eighth grade: Jessica Coble, Jillian Rightsell

The following students have earned Spirit – enthusiastic awards

Kindergarten: Abigail Chao

First grade: Teagan Borman, Edward Maring

Second grade: Kyler Dynes, Allison Stovall

Third grade: Kimberly Herrera, Sophia Timmons

Fourth grade: Gigi Brudnicki, Ellery Gustafson

Fifth grade: Blake Ritchie

Sixth grade: DiCi Heramia, Broden Thomas

Seventh grade: Kylie Guenther, Luis Sandoval

Eighth grade: Kadence Craven

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