School Supplies Delivery

The smiles say it all! Walmart-donated suppllies at Las Palmas Elementary on October 8. Front row, left to right: Angelline Abellana, Maria Pinto, Kaylee Scoles, Joseph Barraza, Mireya Acosta, Kalei Kainoa. Back row: Las Palmas Elementary School Principal Sandra Villasenor, Bill Terra.

Ten schools have more supplies to take them through the school year, thanks to a generous donation from Walmart.

The two pallets of supplies, which STARS volunteer Bill Terra spent hours separating by ages into 20-gallon totes, went to Las Palmas Elementary, Grayson Elementary, Von Renner Elementary (Newman), Mountain Middle School and others. A total of 30 totes were delivered to area schools. Each school received three full totes.

Terra, who has lived in Patterson and graduated from Orestimba High School in Newman, is a retired Sheriff’s deputy, who enjoys helping others. He is known for going out of his way to help kids, giving generously of his time and, sometimes, resources. Although he doesn’t do what he does for recognition, he does appreciate when parents express gratitude. “One (“thank you,”) is all you need,” he said.

STARS volunteers do a lot of different things within the community, and part of the focus is safety at schools.

The STARS program was created to improve community welfare and safety, according to the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s website. Volunteers receive training, must pass a limited background check and commit to volunteer for up to 10 hours a month.

One of the requirements to be a STARS volunteer: Have a desire to make the community a better place to live..

STARS volunteers receive training in various areas, including:

Elderly Abuse & Fraud

Child Abuse

Crimes and Their Elements

Gangs and Drugs

Domestic Violence

STARS volunteers also help in the Records Bureau, Courts, and PSC Visitors Registration. STARS volunteers serve subpoenas, and also appear at the County Fair and Crime Fairs throughout the county, handing out crime prevention information, identity theft information, and at times general security.

Neighborhood Watch Program

STARS volunteers also assist with the Neighborhood Watch Program by helping neighbors. Volunteers will explain the need for knowing the neighborhoods routine, what to do if a suspicious person or vehicle is seen, how to organize and continue the Neighborhood Watch Program, and how other programs.

The STARS motto: “As volunteers we can make a difference by improving the community welfare and safety.”

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