On Oct. 10, 2020, American Heritage Girls Patriot Julia Hoxie of CA Troop 0222 received The Stars and Stripes Award. The Stars and Stripes is the highest recognition available to an American Heritage Girl. The award requires numerous badge work, references, and personal reflection in order to be completed.

The Stars & Stripes Award Candidates must complete a substantial service project, which they have to plan, lead, and implement, all before their 18th birthday. This award teaches girls perseverance, self-respect, and a strong feeling of satisfaction. Julia Hoxie is the 652nd Stars and Stripes recipient in AHG’s 24-year history and the 37th in California. She has been in American Heritage Girls since 2009, starting out as a Tenderheart. Since then, she rose through the levels and earned a number of badges.

In her Patriot year alone, Julia earned the following badges: Music Appreciation, Geology, Citizenship & Government, Camping, Family Helper, Outdoor Skills Emergency Preparedness, Home Care & Repair, Our Flag, Money Management, Hiking, Zoology, Fresh Water & Marine Biology, Stick Shift & Safety Belt, Dance, Sign Language, Native American, Survival, Search, & Rescue, Kitchen Scientists, Horsemanship, Theater, Cake Decorating, Kid Care, Fire Safety, Cinematography, Climb On!, Canoeing, and Camping. Julia’s Stars and Stripes project was designed to benefit the parishioners of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

She and youth volunteers created and laid 60 decorative stones to make a rosary and cross for the community to come and pray any time. The Rosary Stepping Stone Garden is located on the grass-plot by Father Conners Hall. The Garden is used every night by the parishioners to pray the Rosary for the end of the pandemic.

Additional information: Julia Hoxie, the youngest child of Helen and Jerry Hoxie. Siblings; Arthur and Jordan Hoxie received the Eagle in Boy Scouts. Claire Hoxie received the Stars and Stripes award in AHG.  Hannah received her Silver Award in Girl Scout.

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