Patterson's Past

25 Years Ago – September 5, 1995

The city manager position in Patterson has attracted 69 applicants. A citizen committee appointed by the City Council recently reviewed the applications and selected who they considered the top nine candidates.

Patterson High School students started the school year off with spirit this week as they participated in three days of outrageous class contests.

50 Years Ago – September 10, 1970

Twenty-seven new teachers are starting their first week on the faculty of the Patterson Unified School District. They include Jo Martin, Susan Stewart, Joanne McGee, Nancy Mock, and Royce Sappenfield.

A homemade pipe bomb made plenty of noise but did little damage to the doors of the PHS gym, Principal Herb Marsh reported to the police.

Mr. and Mrs. John Grischott Sr. were honored by family and friends who celebrated the couple’s 50 wedding anniversary. Both are natives of Switzerland.

75 Years Ago – September 7, 1945

Word has finally been received of the fate of Robert Hibble. He died in a Japanese prison camp in Thailand over two years ago, thus becoming Patterson’s first battle casualty of the war. His ship, the cruiser Houston, was sunk in the Battle of Java Sea in February 1942, and a card written from a prison in Burma arrived months later.

The West Side’s newest large volume crop, tomatoes, will set a record this season with 3600 acres in production. Last year only 1400 acres were planted.

The first formal surrender of Japanese territory was witnessed by a Patterson man. Howard Gomes is a fireman first-class aboard USS Levy and saw the surrender of the fortress at Mille in the Marshall Islands.

Frank Herger is now at Camp Livingston, Louisiana, for Army training.

100 Years Ago – September 2, 1920

Another high price for orchard property was recorded this week. The rate was $1500 an acre for a peach orchard.

Patterson’s town team will host Manteca this Sunday in a Bi-County League diamond battle. Manteca won the first half of league play, an the locals can force a playoff game for the championship  should they win Sunday.

Two autos, neither of which had its headlights on, crashed head-on between Patterson and Crows Landing last Saturday night. The vehicles had to be left overnight, and were found completely stripped the next morning.

By Craig Bettencourt and Ron Swift from Irrigator files

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