City of Patterson

25 Years Ago – October 15, 1995

The gigantic Diablo Grande project is speeding ahead. Large earth-movers have been busy carving over 10 miles of road in to the site.

Gerald Park is celebrating his 34th year of teaching at Patterson High School. It is the only school he has taught at.

Violeta Saucedo was crowned varsity queen at the Homecoming game Friday evening against the Riverbank Bruins. Her court consisted of Renee Reza and Beth Venable. Anabel Ramirez was crowned the JV princess.  The Tigers won the game 40-8. The victory moves the team to 5-0 and was the 300th victory in the school’s history.  The Tigers are now the number one rated team in the district and number seven in the state small school rankings. Both are firsts.

50 Years Ago – October 22, 1970

Local residents are laughing aloud at the recent census count that gives Patterson a population gain of only one since a special census was taken in 1966. The Census Bureau places the figure at 3013.

Mimi Draper has been nominated by the Patterson Association of Teachers for the county School Bell Award.

Joland Schut is the new president of the Patterson Pre-School Nursery.

75 Years Ago – October 19, 1945

An urgent call for tomato pickers has gone out in this area, with at least 500 more needed to handle the local harvest. The pay ranges from $10 to $15 a day.

Sgt. Americo Bellani writes that he is now stationed in Tokyo with a ground crew of an Army Air Force unit.

Master Sgt. Dan Perez arrived home from Europe and received his discharge from the Army Air Force. He served in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany.

100 Years Ago – October 21, 1920

Patterson High’s rugby looked much improved despite losing 9-6 to Modesto.

The home talent show held two performances last Friday before packed crowds. The event was termed a “sensation.”

Miller and Bradley, plumbers, will construct a new building on Del Puerto Avenue next to the Patterson Bakery.

The Colony Club has donated the $310 it earned at the county fair to the new library project.

The City Council is considering graveling local streets prior to the onset of wet weather.

Wildrid Knutson has purchased the fairgrounds arch and will dismantle it.

By Craig Bettencourt and Ron Swift from Irrigator files

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