25 Years Ago – April 6, 1995

A Westley business, Just Tomatoes, is using its dehydrators to dry out paperwork for the California Bean Growers Association office in Newman. The 80-year-old association suffered major paperwork damage when its office flooded.

The City Council has approved having its meetings shown on cable television.

Lucky the potbellied pig, now weighing a sleek 80 pounds, enjoys traveling with local owners Bertha and Verlon Haile.

The local apricot crop was badly damaged by the West Side’s recent storm. It followed last year’s record harvest.

50 Years Ago – April 2, 1970

Brent Harrison and Danna Evans have been chosen to represent Patterson High at this summer’s Boys and Girls State. They were selected by the local American Legion post and its auxiliary.

Doug Swanson has been tapped to serve as the next president of the Patterson Rotary Club.

Local motorists have been warned by Police Chief Alex Kosich that following fire fighting equipment answering calls within 300 feet is a driving offense. Too many have been breaking the law, he noted.

75 Years Ago – April 6, 1945

Word has been received here by his parents, the M.J. Phillips, of the death over a year ago of Major Lawrence Phillips, 38, in military action in the Philippines. He was a 1923 graduate of Patterson High. Prior to the war, he had a civilian job in that country.

One of the most disagreeable gales to hit here in some years struck Easter morning, carrying with it clouds of silt that dimmed the sun.

Pvt. Donald Osburn of Crows Landing has been killed in action on Iwo Jima. His father Jack is the manager of the Bank of Newman branch here.

Thirteen have been inducted from here into the military. They are Thomas Perez, Jens Kolding and Roy Ford, Jr. of Westley, Pattersonites Lloyd Pipkin, Frank Herger, Frank Soares, Willie Borges, Calvin Thomas, Wilson Jackson, John Grischott, Leland Allard, and Leonard Thomas, plus Paul Thompson of Vernalis.

Cpl. Verne Stewart has been recalled to Camp Howve in Texas, cutting short his furlough. Recently He returned from Aleutian service.

100 Years Ago – April 1, 1920

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By Ron Swift from Irrigator files

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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