25 Years Ago – August 18, 1994

Patterson’s Apricot Fiesta isn’t the first celebration to honor the fruit, it has been learned. A similar community celebration was started in Brentwood in 1928 to recognize the crop there. The celebration lasted at least three years.

The board of directors of Patterson’s new senior center will draw up rules for its usage.

The Chamber of Commerce will hold a tri-tip barbecue mixer in the downtown park. The ticket cost is $8.

50 Years Ago – August 14, 1969

Former partner in the local Ford agency, Al Gibbens, plans to open a Coast to Coast store here.

Peter Iden of Germany, Patterson’s first American Field Service student, has been in Patterson visiting the Corky Bessey family, with whom he lived 14 years ago. He is accompanied by his wife Inge.

The Patterson Planning Commission has voiced concern that the city does not have an ordinance governing move-in houses.

Patterson’s Manuel Mendes was the top FFA livestock award winner in the recent county fair. The local chapter also won the trop vegetable sweepstakes trophy. Richard Rogers is the chapter advisor.

75 Years Ago – August 18, 1944

The proposed Patterson Cemetery District has received no formal opposition, and the county Board of Supervisors will proceed with the process of forming the district.

Two large range fires between Orestimba and Del Puerto creek have burned over 50,000 acres including property in Santa Clara County. One of the blazes is being considered arson-set.

The Federated Church is heading a project to provide relief packages to repatriated Russians returning to areas recaptured from the Nazis.

Leo Ghisletta has advanced to first-class seaman on his sub-chaser on duty somewhere in the Central Pacific.

Sgt. Duane Rightsell has completed aviation radio training in Tennessee.

100 Years Ago – August 14, 1919

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By Ron Swift from Irrigator files

PI editor/publisher emeritus

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