City of Patterson

25 Years Ago – June 29, 1995

When voters recently passed a tax initiative for the county library system, it will allow longer hours of operation for the branches, including Patterson. The hours will double and will include Saturday hours.

The Planning Commission is seeking public comment on locating quarters for the ambulance crew on E Street near Del Puerto Hospital.

Longtime Patterson resident Alvin Nelson recalls temperatures here reaching as high as 116 degrees, making last week’s 107 reading seem cool. Irrigation is said to have brought the average summer temperatures down.

50 Years Ago – June 25, 1970

Patterson’s young Dale Johnson has few peers when it comes to finding and renovating historic cars. His latest project is rebuilding a 1908 Thomas Detroit, having found the body a year ago and the engine just recently. Only two of the original 750 built are known to exist.

AFS student Jeff Chinn is about to leave for Germany under the summer program.

John J. Azevedo, Jr., a biology teacher at Patterson High since 1958, is leaving for a position with Modesto Junior College.

75 Years Ago – June 29, 1945

The Fiske Motor Co. here has been sold to a Modesto man, Corlis C. Bessey.

The mystery of small trash fires in downtown alleys has been solved. Fire Chief O.S. Ball caught up with the city’s garbage collector who was tossing matches into the barrels rather than hauling off the trash. He was given a warning.

Practice aerial bombing at night brought minor damage to downtown Patterson early Tuesday morning. Four small devices fell about 1:30 a.m., striking the street in front of the newspaper building, the side of Plaza Grocery, and areas on South Third Street. They apparently were dropped from a plane flying south, but the Navy’s investigation failed to turn up information.

100 Years Ago – June 24, 1920

Because of the approach of the hot season, movies will soon be shown here on the rear side of the Plaza building. Work is underway on seating, and showings may start as early as next week.

The temperature may have climbed to a record level last Sunday. Readings of 108 to 110 were recorded here.

A record price for vineyard property was set when J. Beaty sold the former Patterson vineyard on Las Palmas Avenue for $1400 an acre. The Thompson seedless were sold to a pair of San Jose men.

By Ron Swift from Irrigator files

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