25 Years Ago – January 26, 1995

With still several days to go, this January is already the wettest since local record-keeping began. The average for the first month of the year is 1.96 inches, while this January some 7.77 inches has been measured. Sandbags were used Tuesday night to control water overflowing from Salado Creek into the city.

After 45 years the federal Resources Conservation Service, formerly the Soil Conservation Service, is moving its office from Patterson.

50 Years Ago – January 22, 1970

Building permits for 22 new homes were issued in Patterson this past year.

Patterson’s FFA chapter has selected Lynn Apland and Albert Lomeli to attend the organization’s sectional meeting next month. In addition, ag instructors Richard Rogers and George Cardoza received a power chain donation for the ag program from the Ford Motor Co.

75 Years Ago – January 26, 1945

Two local boys were injured Sunday afternoon when attempting to dig up an unexploded bomb on the Navy’s bombing range in the hills. They had ridden their bicycles to the site. Niels Hansen brought them back to town for medical treatment.

The harvesting of the guayule crop here may be assisted by German prisoners of war. The first cutting is underway on the Arambel tract southwest of Westley. Guayule is being used as a rubber substitute during wartime. Some 2,500 acres are being grown in the Patterson-Westley area.

The first official plans to construct the proposed high-line canal through this area have been announced. It would carry Sacramento River water down the West Side. Its official name is the Delta-Mendota Canal.

Freddie Martin, S1/c, is currently home on leave and reports his ship recently went through a typhoon in the Pacific in which several destroyers were lost. He was aboard a light cruiser.

100 Years Ago – January 22, 1920

The newly elected City Council has appointed William Logan as Patterson’s first city attorney at a salary of $20 a month. M.H. Litten was made the city marshal and will be paid $25 a month. The vote on Logan was unanimous, while on Litten it was 3-2.

Patterson Township has been divided into two voting precincts, north and south of Las Palmas Avenue. All voters must register for the April election, and so far only about 12 have done so.

By Ron Swift from Irrigator files

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