Every year Boy Scout Troop 81 hoists flags to honor the war dead. This year was no exception. Operating with a skeleton crew, the Scouts and their families were out on May 22, raising the stars and stripes that line Patterson cemetery.

More than 500 American veterans are buried at Patterson Cemetery District, according to Elijah B. Hayes Post 168 of the American Legion. Of those many who rest eternally, there are a few whose names deserve recognition this Memorial Day.

World War II

Norman Allport

Joe Borges

Raymond Brown

Leonard Corbin

Frank Cox Jr

Edgar Ford

Frank Fovinci

Robert Gardner

Marvin Greer

Walter Harrelson

Carol Hedlind

Robert Hittle

Bertil Kolander*

William Logan Jr*

Sherman W. Long

Arthur Luce

Carl Marler

Louis Martin*

J.B. McCleskey

Philip Noble

James Nixon

Fred Peterson

Lawrence Phillips

Dwight Pitzer

Kenneth Rohr

George Storch

Harold Storch

Eugene Torvend

Harold Totman

Charles Wiese

Andrew Williams

Keith Wright


Charles Nylund

R. A. Jackson*


Charles R. Mears

Leonard Reza*

Demetrio (Demetrius) Hernandez*

Joseph A.C. Silveira*

Global War on Terror

Antonio S. Mendez

For life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness they have died. May your American dream be weighted by their sacrifice. 

*Grave located at Patterson Cemetery District

**The names listed above are Patterson residents who died in service to their country. The Irrigator compiled this information through the Patterson Cemetery District and The American Legion. It was cross checked for accuracy with data from the National Archives.

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