Eight new Tesla V3 Superchargers are officially ready for use in the Best Western Plus Villa Del Lago parking lot, and if the utilization noted by Best Western staff is any indication of the success of the partnership, property owner Sunny Khatri believes great things are coming to local businesses.

After completing the hotel’s remodel last year, Khatri inquired with Tesla about investing in Patterson. “Tesla Superchargers enable long-distance travel and convenient charging in urban areas. We use precise energy modeling and locate Superchargers near amenities, such as hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas,” Tesla’s website states. The V3 chargers are Tesla exclusive. They use an adapter that is incompatible with other electric vehicles.

Patterson’s central location, ease of access from Interstate 5, and abundant amenities fit the criteria used by Tesla to determine preferred locations for installing charging stations.

Khatri is excited to have the new V3 Superchargers in Patterson. Not only because he is a Tesla owner but because of the potential for increased revenue at his and other local businesses. “While their cars are charging, they can go to Denny’s or go shopping,” Khatri said. “Our community is attractive,” people feel safe stopping here. He also hopes that increased business will help secure a new kitchen operator at his hotel since Francesca’s went out of business.

Khatri also believes that having charging stations in town will improve Tesla’s ability to respond to mobile tech repair customers’ needs. He noted that the technicians drive Teslas and didn’t previously have a convenient charging station for their own needs while on the Westside. Until now, the nearest superchargers were located in Salida, Manteca, Santa Nella, and Livermore.

For the time being, Tesla has deemed eight superchargers to be sufficient for the population of Patterson. However, there is potential for expansion at the location if the need increases.

Discussing further development in the area that could affect the need for more charging stations, Khatri spoke about the property near his hotel that Dominic Speno is developing. Speno has broken ground on a new family entertainment facility that will include a mini-golf course. The new project could improve the quality of life for Pattersonites as well as draw more business from travelers who stay at local hotels and the Kit Fox R.V. Park.

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