Like other voting jurisdictions in California, Del Puerto Health Care District (DPHCD) is in the process of drawing new boundaries to ensure equal representation of the populace by elected directors.

In accordance with Assembly Bill 839, the California FAIR MAPS Act -- the Fair And Inclusive Redistricting for Municipalities And Political Subdivisions -- “following each federal decennial census, and using that census as a basis, the board shall adjust the boundaries of any or all of the supervisorial districts of the county so that the supervisorial districts shall be substantially equal in population.”

Federal Census data is expected to be released in the coming weeks after state correctional facilities complete the process of delivering to the county a list of inmates that must be included due to their last known place of residence prior to their incarceration.

Until the new district boundaries have been drawn and approved, elected directors will continue to serve at-large, each representing the total population.

Draft maps are due March 14, 2022, and the final map must be drawn before the next election.

Between now and then the District, which has already held two public hearings about map development, will hold two more public hearings. The next hearing is scheduled for February 28.

The public is encouraged to visit to learn more about the districting process, submit feedback in regard to their neighborhood or community of interest, and draw and submit their own draft maps for consideration.

The district encompasses 366 square miles of the Westside. Bounded on the east by the Stanislaus River, the south encompassing Crows Landing, the west by the Santa Clara County line, and the north by the San Joaquin County line. The district includes the communities of Patterson, Westley, Grayson, Vernalis, Diablo Grande, Del Puerto Canyon, and Crows Landing.

Del Puerto Health Care District has been serving Westside communities since 1949. As a special district, DPHCD is community owned and governed through elected or appointed board members.

The District provides adult and pediatric health services as well as various health care education opportunities including diabetes and women’s health topics.

Telehealth appointments, a newly hired Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and 24-hour emergency ambulance services through Patterson District Ambulance provide Westside communities convenient local services.

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