Double Up

Patterson (2-2) routs Modesto (2-2), 64-15 and the Tigers are on the hottest streak of all the teams in the Central California Conference entering league play, with Central Valley’s lost to Enochs. Clicking in all phases of the game the past two weeks, the Tigers are right where they want to be at the start of league play.

“The transformation has been that guys haven’t gave up and they realized if they continue to put in the work and continuing to stride to get better, good positive results are going to happen and they’re going to happen more often as the season progresses,” said head coach Rob Cozart.

The Tigers didn’t have to wait long to get their first points of the game. A high snap from Modesto’s center led to a safety and the ensuing punt return was taken to the house by Javier Huizar putting the Tigers up 9-0 within the first 20 seconds of the game. They put forth a dominating effort taking a 51-0 lead into halftime, and for the second game in a row the Tigers opponents didn’t take being blown out particularly well, as Modesto players frustration led to extra pushing and shoving in the second half.

“We’re a very emotional team and emotional driven in all aspects of our team. It’s very difficult for us to just lay back and let somebody big brother us a little bit, there’s always going to be a chip on our shoulder, and we just try to subdue that at times. It’s a constant battle but our guys responded well to it tonight,” said Cozart.

This is the first time since 2017 the Tigers exploded for 55 or more points in back-to-back weeks. This team has some shades of that group with a dual threat quarterback, Jacob Guevarra that is the engine to the offense and a big receiver, Javier Huizar that can score from anywhere on the field. That could be the way to repeat the success that 2017 team had as the went undefeated in the Western Athletic Conference led by record setting QB Gabe Sanchez who threw for over 2,800 yards and ran for 1,100. His big play target James Perez had over 1,000 yards receiving.

Those numbers would be nice, but this team is driven by the goal of winning a title and a two-game winning streak entering league play after playing arguably the toughest non-league schedule of all the CCC schools has them primed to make a run and it starts tomorrow on the road against El Capitan (0-4) at Merced College Stadium. The Gauchos lost last week’s game against Livingston 43-7 and have allowed an average of 45 points scored against them during non-league play.

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