Arlene Munoz, Owner of Arlene Munoz Events & Design is set to host Easter Glow In The Dark on April 3 at the Masonic Hall in Patterson. Munoz, a wedding coordinator by day, is no stranger to event planning for the Patterson community, and has been planning events for over ten years. But since the COVID-19 pandemic her events have taken a backseat. This year however, Munoz plans to host her Easter event after a one-year hiatus and hopes that the implementation of new safety protocols will be enough to keep the event safe for families.

“For the most part everything will be outdoors,” said Munoz. “We’ll have limited indoor vendors and masks will be required. We’ll have up to four sanitation stations and everything will be spread out as well.”

In addition to the safety protocols, a mask vendor will be set up at the entrance just in case anybody needs to purchase a mask before entering the event.

The Glow In The Dark event will feature about fifty local pop-up vendors that include treats like edible glitter cotton candy, cake pops, and handmade goods like customized mouse ears, jewelry and hair bows.

“We have such a good list of vendors this year. We have one vendor, her name is Melissa, and she has a cotton candy business so what they do is you pick your flavoring and there’s like twenty flavors and they add edible glitter to the cotton candy and they have glow sticks in the center of them,” said Munoz. “Another vendor, she’s up and coming, she’s [very popular] here, her name is Ana and she’s with a company called sprinkles by Ana. She does cookies, cake pops, and holiday treats.”

The event will be highlighted by an Easter egg hunt divided by age group to ensure fun, fairness and to prevent overcrowding. The age groups for the egg hunt will be three and under, four to seven, eight to eleven and twelve and older.

“We’ve learned from past events on how to improve each one and this is the best way to do that. Basically, we are going to break them up into four different age groups, so it makes it fair,” said Munoz.

The prizes for the Easter egg hunt will be created in collaboration with the vendors to form gift baskets and the same will be done for the raffle prizes. Prizes from events in the past have included: Cake pop gift baskets, cotton candy and popcorn baskets, pizza & movie night baskets and this year will feature special glow in the dark baskets.

The last Easter egg event that Munoz was able to host was two years ago. That event drew more than two hundred kids and over forty-five vendors. This year, Munoz is hoping to attract at least half of that crowd and hopes that parents register their children in advance so that proper preparations can be made ahead of time. Anybody looking to register their kids or attend the event can register at Event Brite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/glow-in-the-dark-easter-event-tickets-125549623303

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