Greetings Patterson,

The year 2020 has certainly been one that we will always remember, despite wishing to forget. We have had fires, great political and social strife, financial instability and the COVID-19 pandemic. As a physician, I must address the pandemic as I am no more an expert on the other issues than the next person.

As we come towards the end of this holiday season, let us try to help each other stay as safe as possible. The year 2020 has been an arduous year for everyone. For the most fortunate of us, COVID-19 has kept us inside, away from our families and lonely. For the unfortunate ones, our families are different, either by prolonged illness or loss of life.

During the final weeks of the year, let us try not to gather together. Staying in our pods is safest. If we must be around people that are not in our immediate household/pod, here are some ways to stay safer.

Make every attempt to stay outside in the open air. Inside gatherings are a great way to spread the novel coronavirus or other illness.

Wear a mask. Masks help the droplets not spread so far and decrease the amount of coronavirus to which you may be exposed. Do not take off your mask to cough or sneeze. This defeats the purpose of the mask.

Stay six feet apart. This helps keep you farther from someone who may have the novel coronavirus and no symptoms. A person can be contagious before they look or feel sick. Of course, anyone will already stay away from someone who appears ill.

Let us wash our hands often. Washing our hands and trying not to touch our faces are great ways of not spreading viruses.

Lastly, the vaccine is almost here for all of us. Keep up the safer habits or double down again, if you feel like you’ve been slipping. Don’t sink the ship when land is in sight!

Wishing you a safe and healthy end of the holiday season,

Dr. Blythe

Pediatrician at Del Puerto Health Center

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