The planning Commission held a public hearing during the regular meeting on August 26. before a conditional use permit was issued to developers for the new Grocery Outlet Bargain Market to be located south of Sperry Avenue at Rogers Road.

The conditional use permit also serves as a tentative approval for a Dutch Bros. drive-thru that will be located on the same parcel, in the parking lot of the grocery store.

Veronica Vargas, the Entitlement Manager for Grocery Outlet attended the hearing virtually. She answered questions from committee members and spoke at length about store operations. Grocery Outlet stores average 40-60 employees in a variety of full and part time positions. Stores are independently owned, often by members of the community in which they are located. Preferably, and usually, staffed by local residents.

The Grocery Outlet business model promotes independent store ownership and management supported by the brand through the purchase and consignment of merchandise and grocery products. Affording store owners better fiscal stability which promotes long-term business success.

Vargas explained that while Grocery Outlet does purchase the bulk of the merchandise sold in their stores, dairy and meat products are typically sourced locally by the store owner, further bolstering the local economy.

Shoppers can expect products sold at Grocery Outlet to be offered at a 40 to 70 percent discount compared to the same or similar products at a typical grocery store.


A traffic study was included in the staff report that was presented to the commission. Fair share allocations based on the Sperry Avenue Commercial Project Addendum to the West Patterson Projects Environmental Impact Report have been included in the conditions of approval for the project.

Improvements to the intersection of Sperry Avenue at Rogers Road include:

Rogers Road southbound - one left turn lane, one through lane, and two right turn lanes.

Rogers Road northbound - one left turn lane, one through and right turn lane, and a dedicated right turn lane.

Sperry Avenue westbound - two left turn lanes, two through lanes, and one right turn lane.

Sperry Avenue earthbound - two left turn lanes, two through lanes, and one right turn lane.

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