Dear Editor,

This Tuesday I had the great privilege of being sworn in as Patterson’s newest city council member. Our platform was focused on communicative city government, transparency, and improved quality of life for all residents. Speaking with constituents, business owners, and public organization folks was the highlight of the campaign. I truly hope to be a conduit for positive progress for all Pattersonites.

We have a rich cultural, and agricultural history to be revered. We have expanded from an apricot haven, to an industrial hot spot. We have grown and prospered in many ways that I have witnessed over the last four decades. I love my community, that is why, over the past fifteen years I have worked with our youth in the classroom as an educator, and over the last five years I have dedicated time towards collaborative efforts to bring our community together on topics such as homelessness, health care, sustainability, immigration, and affordable housing to name a few. During the campaign I dedicated time to walk my neighborhood multiple times, make calls, texts, set up social media, and I was the only candidate to attend either the public forum hosted by both the Chamber of Commerce and the Soroptimists, or the InvestInMe Youth Forum.

On Thursday December 10th I warmly invite anyone who wishes to attend a virtual Coffee with the Councilperson (details in the events section). I will be hosting from my humble abode, in District A. I will also open space to a small number of guests who wish to visit in-person.

I look forward to getting to work for our community, please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Holidays,

Shivaugn Alves

Councilmember Elect, District A

Thank you for your support: Channce Condit, Stanislaus County Board of Supervisor; Josh Harder, CA-10 Congressperson; David Keller, Former Patterson Mayor; Luis Molina, Former Patterson Mayor; Ryan Segoviano, PJUSD School Board Member; Stanislaus-Tuolumne Central Labor Council; Joana Ecalne, Patterson Teacher and Resident; Erlinda Torres, Patterson Business Owner and Resident; Virginia Melius, Neighbor; Renelle Layfield, Neighbor; Rosalinda Marroquin, Neighbor; Ty’Ann Wellman, Neighbor; Michael Murray, Neighbor; Kathy Molina, Local Educator; Erica Torres, Patterson Resident and Veteran... - and so many more!

In regards to last week’s “opinion” piece (Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark) that questioned where I reside, I lament the fact that the author resorted to false accusations based on hear-say, or even less. The author stated at the prior city council meeting that she did not care who won the race for District A, all the while she had my opponent’s sign in her yard, and assisted with campaign efforts. Shakespeare would be more inclined to say that the issue is “Much ado About Nothing”. It was a close race, and I have wished my opponent well. Let’s move on to working together for the betterment of our city.

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