I am sharing concerns that I have regarding our most recent council member Shivaugn Alves. First of all Ms. Alves, you need to learn who to ask for questions about Naomi’s House; the leader of Cambridge Academy in Modesto, Dr. Genie Boyer, not the city or county management! Ask the HOST House to ask Dr. Boyer to tell you.

I have been on the board of the HOST house from 2009 through 2019, and I still try to help individuals who have not made it inside HOST or Naomi’s House. They are currently run by Cambridge Academy who help some of the poorest of the poor in Patterson. They employ people who are passionate in serving people who have lost their way.

Some are encouraged to go to rehab before coming back to be in the program. Some get showers and do laundry. Some get meals/lunch provided by Trust in Jesus Cuisine every day of the week. (Thanks to help from the Baptist Church on Saturdays and Mormon Church on Thursdays.)

In the program they look at their lives, their talents, their abilities to be employed. After the program the employees help them find jobs, find housing, and get back into our society. This doesn’t always work. Especially since the dog companions are not allowed in the houses of Naomi’s and HOST houses. But Cambridge is doing their best to help them help themselves. I know they are passionate because employees often are paid minimum wage. A company, who lives on grants and donation, learns to be frugal.

Finally, I don’t see any inconsistencies in the program. If you, Ms. Alves, are truly interested in helping the poorest of the poor in Patterson ask Trust in Jesus Cuisine from Sacred Heart Church, ask HOST House manager or ask Naomi’s House manager for what they need, often donations to support their programs.

Claudia Smith,

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, original coordinator of Trust in Jesus Cuisine since 2006, former member of the HOST House board


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