Kinshire Waterline Replacement

The Kinshire Waterline Replacement project design was completed in June 2020.

After being advertised for construction on the city’s website, the CIP List, and this newspaper the bid was extended by nine days before being held on July 9, 2020.

The city engineer’s estimate for construction was approximated at $2.2 million dollars, however the lowest of the two bids submitted came in at $3.975 million.

Due to the price disparity, city staff recommended councilmembers reject the pair of bids at a July 2020 council meeting.

At the time the bids were rejected it was suggested by staff that council should review re-bidding options in order to increase the number of potential bidders.

Re-bidding brgan on Feb. 3, 2021 and ended Feb. 24. Funding for the project comes in the form of a grant from the Department of ResourcesRecycling and Recovery through their Rubberized Pavement Grant Program, grant number TRP 10-18-0073.

According to the project announcement on the City of Patterson’s website, “This program encourages recycling and reduces waste by requiring grantees to utilize California generated recycled tire waste materials in the form of rubberized asphalt concrete hot-mix or rubberized chip seal.”

Grant funds will be distributed between the Kinshire project and the Las Palmas Overlay Project.

The Kinshire Waterline Replacement and Full Depth Street Reconstruction Project takes place in the area bounded by Sperry Avenue to the north, Poppy Avenue to the south, Clover Avenue to the west, and Patterson Irrigation District’s (PID) main canal to the east.

Phase one construction will start in May 2021. Phase two will start construction in Spring 2022.

The purpose of the project is to replace aging infrastructure. The project scope for both phases includes replacing all water mains and water service lines for the area and reconstructing the roadways.

Natural pipe deterioration has caused failure to the existing subsurface and asphalt pavement as well. Therefore, this project will include water main, services (existing meters to remain in place and utilized), full-depth reconstruction of the existing neighborhood streets (based on condition of the streets), upgrading all pedestrian crosswalk ramps to meet the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards, and any curb/gutter and sidewalk that does not allow proper gutter slope to drain effectively.

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