Dear Mr. McCord, as a resident of Patterson, and one who has brought my two married daughters and their families into this city, I wish you well in your forthcoming electoral race to become the next Mayor of Patterson.

I was delighted to see these words from you on the Patterson Neighborhood Watch: “McCord stated that he hopes to increase citizen participation and involvement in city affairs by starting more committees and having the city be more proactive in communicating with the public about issues of concern”. I think that’s a great idea and I wish you well in that endeavor.

In fact, you don’t need to wait until you’re the Mayor, there’s an opportunity right now! As you know, if the proposed reservoir is located in Del Puerto Canyon, it will be just as much a gamechanger for Patterson as has been the growth of warehousing in the city.

Having persuaded my daughters and families to live in this city, I wish to ensure that it continues to keep its promise of the progressive, modern and safe community in which to live that I first saw. However, the placement of a reservoir with its two large dams on our doorstep will destroy that vision. The most obvious issue is the on-going fear of a dam break threatening lives and properties - ah yes, the project partners assure us that can never happen; but they would say that, wouldn’t they?

And then, real estate - home values, the major financial asset for many people - will be depressed relative to what they would be on the city’s current path. A large dam looming over I-5 just as prospective homebuyers approach Patterson isn’t exactly a welcoming sight, certainly not designed to enhance our home values.

Furthermore, during six years of construction, there will be increased air pollution in a region that is already one of the most highly polluted in the country. That pollution will cause multiple problems including medical costs, loss of work and income to sensitive people, and loss of school time for children and students. Those concerns will certainly be relevant to some in my two families as well as to myself.

There are other issues too, but I think those will do for the moment to show that the project would, indeed, be a negative game-changer for the community.

My request is that, in line with your declared intention above, please place the topic of the reservoir location (location only, NOT the merits of the project appropriately located which are not under debate) on a forthcoming meeting agenda and give Save Del Puerto Canyon the same presentation opportunity given to the project partners on February 4th of this year. That would be fair and demonstrate your commitment to your declaration in running for Mayor

Wasminda Nunez

Patterson resident

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