Terrible Road Conditions

There is a general consensus that Californian roads in general are terrible and it is even more confusing when we have the highest gas taxes of any other state. If you have never been out of state it may seem like embellishment to judge the quality so harshly but according to a survey by MoneyGeek California's was second worst in road roughness score with “150.2” the first being Washington D.C. with “214.7” No matter who you are the issue surely affects you or someone you know.

While for the most parts the roads are traversable it still begs the question of where all of our tax revenue is going to. Being entirely complacent over the conditions is not a viable option as side effects of worse road conditions include increased traffic rate, increased tire wear, and increased pollution levels. Driving over cracks and avoiding potholes is no fun for anyone and there is more we can do to bring awareness to the issue.

Repair and maintenance may not happen overnight and it won't be cheap but it already is “costing motorists $762 a year per driver for vehicle maintenance” according to Fix Our Roads. Of course attempts are being made to fix roadways but California has the most roads out of any state so it makes the situation more costly and complicated. Possible solutions to the problem are to update and increase methods of public transportation which would reduce the number of vehicles on the road, wear, and traffic. We can also use our voice and share our opinions and ideas to the state government and help them come up with bills to solve the problem. This is not an impossible issue and we must do our best to see it solved.

Zackery Weeks


Assemblymember that listens

I want an Assemblymember who listens to my concerns, already understands the way government works, can hit the ground running on Day 1, and is smart enough to analyze, synthesize and apply information. I want an Assemblymember who is young, energetic, and passionate about serving us here in the Valley. I want Joel Campos for Assembly 22!

Endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations, and the CA Republican Party, Joel also earned the endorsement of several local Republican groups and current and former mayors and city council members. Joel holds a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and serves as an Associate Regional Planner for the SJ Council of Governments where he deals with water, transportation, and distribution of our tax dollars -- things he’ll work with as our representative. Joel serves in another way, too: Joel is a Sergeant in the Army National Guard. Now, Joel wants to bring his knowledge and passion home!

Joel Campos isn’t running on his family name, nor is he in the pocket of another politician. Joel is running on his experience, educational background, love for this country, love for the Valley, and passion to serve as your representative. We need to send Joel to Sacramento as our Voice for the Valley! YOU can make this happen!

Join me in voting Joel Campos for Assembly in AD 22!

Truman Jensen

Turlock, CA

June 7th primary election

The June 7th primary election is less than a week away and Patterson is set to vote on a candidate for State Assembly District 22. While there are a number of candidates vying to become our next representative in Sacramento, only one has a proven track record of dedicated service to the people of Stanislaus County and Patterson in particular. Jessica Self has been a fighter for change locally for many years and lent her voice to many issues such as healthcare, immigration reform, women's rights, and fair labor practices. Ms. Self is a public defender, community advocate, and true servant of the public. She is a champion for us, unlike her opponents' whose pockets, unfortunately, have been lined with cash from big oil and big business. Ballots have been mailed. Vote Self For assembly district 22.

Ryan Segoviano

Shivaugn Alves


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