School fees


As a disgusted citizen, I had hoped that the School District’s unnecessary, embarrassing and hopefully, misinformed political stunt, would have ended by now. Apparently, none of the District Administrators or Trustees realized how fees work, so here, for everyone’s clarification, are the very important facts. Developers do not pay school fees. Home buyers, renters, and tax payers, pay them. Those are the facts. So now that everyone knows that, what I hope was an unnecessary misunderstanding by the District and thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on spreading it, those signs will need to be corrected or removed. Otherwise, continuing the myth of this “boogieman” is to create fear, and was not a misunderstanding, but an intentional misrepresentation. And I don’t want to believe that we cannot trust our own School District to tell the truth. So I look forward to the sign clarification or removal.

Ron West


Student opportunities

Dear Editor,

As I attended the most recent meeting of the Patterson school board, I heard a presentation that left me truly impressed! The truck driving program (headed up by David Dein) and the warehouse logistics program (led by Larry Garcia and Glenn Ecalne) left me encouraged regarding the opportunities offered to the high school students of Patterson. Both programs are cutting edge and innovative. The families of Patterson should feel blessed to have this training available right here in our small town. To the best of my understanding, these opportunities are unique to Patterson High School in all of the United States. I would strongly encourage any parents of local high school students to explore the possibilities for your students in these programs. Thank you to all of the administration and staff who had the foresight and put forth the effort to develop this. The benefits and success stories are already clear to see, and I believe it is just the beginning.

Timothy Benefield


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