Vote for Mike Clauzel

Please get your vote in by November 8th and vote Mike Clauzel for Mayor. Mike is a family man with deep faith and conviction. It has been my honor to serve with him in the San Francisco Sheriff's Office. I often times asked Mike why he didn't move closer to work. Every time he replied that he loves Patterson and is raising his kids there. If you are lucky enough to elect Mike as your next Mayor, you are going to get a great person who will give the job his full commitment. I urge all residents to vote for Mike Clauzel.

Captain Stephen Tilton

San Francisco Sheriff's Office

Let’s sweep with wins by Clauzel, Roque and Romero

Dear Patterson Voters

In baseball terms a “Sweep” means winning all games in a series. Patterson residents are overdue for new sets of eyes to manage this city; we need ears to listen, minds to think critically and yet-unheard- ideas on the city council, not the status quo. Over the past 4 years (and more), we have tolerated a less-than-exemplary group of people sitting on the dais at City Chambers. Aren’t you ready to make changes? I sure am. Let’s make a “sweep” with the three upright and committed candidates running for Mayor, District D councilperson and District B councilperson. Now I know I only can vote for two of these people, but I made my choices the day my ballot arrived in the mail. Mike Clauzel will be a breath of fresh air as mayor of this city. He is ready to dig in and go to work for us all. Carlos Roque will be visible and active as the District D councilperson. Jessica Romero, running for District B councilperson, also is ready to see changes made for the good of everyone. Get out your brooms and vote!

Monica Della Maggiore


City council needs a shakeup

Since the last election for Patterson City Council, I have had the opportunity to be at nearly every single council meeting. I have observed a few things that persuade me to believe that the Patterson City Council needs a bit of a shakeup. I want to make it clear up front that I have had pleasant and meaningful interactions with every single council member. I have no personal animosity against any one of them. There have also been positive steps taken and good things accomplished. However, these are the patterns that have concerned me.

1. There seems to be a general aversion to answering questions from the public. I have watched many times as very reasonable questions have been casually ignored. At times, it seems that the general public is nearly invisible.

2. There seems to be very little curiosity or thinking outside of the box. You would be hard pressed to find a vote in the past two years that have not been a 5-0 vote to pass. There are a handful, but definitely not many.

3. At times, there seems to be little remembrance by some council members that they are public servants. I have watched members of the public be insulted and mocked by various council members on a number of occasions.

These patterns are certainly not seen 100% of the time or with every council member, but they are observed often enough to be concerning. Whoever ends up sitting in those seats in 2023, let us hope that they will do so with humility, gratitude, and a heart to serve. May they welcome the public, their questions, and their scrutiny. It comes with the job!

Timothy Benefield Sr.


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