Mike is my guy

Mike is my guy!

As someone who has served our Patterson community for almost two decades, I know what is needed to represent our community as an elected leader. My family and I will vote for Mr. Clauzel!

I have served with Mr. Clauzel's opponent on council, and I will only state facts: Mr. Farinha has only run for mayor during midterm of his council seat. If he and his supporters believed in his leadership, he would run each opportunity to get elected to serve the city of which he was born to. He would make himself available and visible with every opportunity, but I have found his participation selective, opportunistic and selfish.

Mr. Clauzel is a person, along with his family, who is willing to sacrifice to serve our community effectively! Mr. Clauzel and I don't agree on every subject or political ideology, but we are cut from the same cloth in terms of serving our Faith, Familia, Community and Country.

This is not a popularity contest but electing someone who will be there for you and your familia. I know what it takes, and our familia will be voting for Mike Clauzel, because he is our guy!!

Luis Molina


Mike Clauzel for mayor

I was disappointed recently to see a letter to the editor refer to mayoral candidate, Mike Clauzel, as "some cop from San Francisco." I do not know the author of that letter and I have nothing personal against them, but the choice of words was puzzling to me. Is there something wrong with a "cop" running for mayor? I think most citizens are thankful for our men and women in blue. Mr. Clauzel is also a combat veteran who has put his life on the line for our freedom. I'm puzzled why this background of his would be so casually dismissed.

Was this phrase chosen because he commutes to work in San Francisco? Thousands of his fellow Pattersonites are also commuters. The opposing candidate for mayor also commutes to an out-of-town job every day.

Was this phrase chosen to imply that Mr. Clauzel is not from around here? He has raised his family here for the last 20 years. He is known and respected by many in our town. I have come to know him more recently, but I respect his service in the military and in law enforcement. I admire his experience in running a small business. I respect his willingness to serve his country and our community. I am excited about his vision for Patterson. I have had the opportunity to spend several hours talking with him over several conversations. His priorities are exactly what will make Patterson a strong city. "God. Family. Country. Community." This is his motto, and it says a lot to me. I strongly urge the citizens of Patterson to vote for Mike Clauzel for mayor on November 8.

Timothy Benefield Sr


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