Local resident Deotis Sanders woke up to a surprise a few weeks ago when two shopping carts full of groceries were waiting for him at his doorstep.

“I woke up and I was just getting ready to go to church and I went to my front door and there was two shopping carts full of groceries just sitting right in front of my door,” said Sanders. “I thought I was still asleep so I closed the door and opened it again and they were still there.”

Sanders, a retired Veteran moved to Patterson from Mountain House with his wife and daughter back in 2010. Sanders and his family are very involved with the Golden Valley Baptist Church and he has only one theory of why the groceries could have been left for him.

“My family is not in need. I’m sure there are others that are much, much more in need than I am. I can think of only one reason. There’s a guy that came by my house about a month ago and asked for something to eat because he was diabetic and he was out taking a walk and needed something to eat to balance his sugar,” said Sanders. “So I gave him a slice of pizza and a bottle of water.”

Sanders said that he has seen the man around town since then and the man asked him if he needed anything, in which Sanders replied, “No we are good, we don’t need anything.”

To add to the mystery, Sanders said that the groceries came from different stores around the area including: Walmart, Savemart and the Dollar Tree.

“There was anywhere from about three hundred to five hundred dollars worth of products and whoever left it must have hit all the grocery stores,” said Sanders. “There was stuff from the Dollar Store and from Savemart and they actually left a receipt from Walmart.”

Sanders said some of the groceries included: Chocolates, Rice, Water Bottles (100+), SPAM and Charcoal.

“I just want to thank whoever it was for the kind gesture. If they [see this article] I want them to know that I am appreciative and that especially at this point in time, we all could use a little bit of that sharing.”

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