Hey neighbors! How have you been surviving our first true heat wave of the season? Normally we get some 100 degree days in May, but this year we did not get our first one until May 31. No complaints as the electric bill should be easier to deal with this next month.

In case you have been wondering what type of crazy person your Ken’s Korner author is, here is more proof I am more than slightly OFF. Hopefully, you will enjoy it more than a little, especially if you slept in last Wednesday morning, May 26.

It was widely reported a very special lunar eclipse was going to take place overnight. In the early morning hours of May 26, during a super moon (when the moon is closest to the earth, so it is bigger and brighter), there was going to be a “blood moon” caused by an eclipse. WOW! How exciting, but this is also where the trouble starts for viewing such an event.

The eclipse would begin at 1:47 am PDT and continue for many hours. Your author awoke at 1:45 am, checked the moon and went back to bed. Nothing to see here yet, so sleep sounded like the best plan. For some odd reason, my internal alarm clock went off at 4:15 am. Upon looking out the south-facing windows of our home, I could see the eclipse was at an amazing stage.

My first attempt at a picture with my cell phone (a Galaxy S-10 with amazing capabilities), left me very disappointed due to the double image from the double-pane glass. NOW WHAT? It might be years before such a lunar eclipse (when the earth casts a shadow over the moon) happens so I could see it.

In a moment of craziness in the fog of 4:20 a.m., I slipped on a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt, grabbed the Nikon and ran outside. Very quickly I realize I needed my camera tripod for this activity. So, I ran back in the house, got the tripod, and set up on the sidewalk in front of our house and started clicking pictures.

Next issue was I was shaking the camera when I hit the trigger button. No, I am NOT very good with my camera’s many features and functions. I just started taking LOTS of pictures and found out I was getting some good ones, of which you will see but a few (limits of the paper).

Several of my early morning commuter neighbors had to be wondering what I was doing. I waved at most of them when I was not busy with the camera. I truly hope they looked up after seeing me.

The next issue was I was getting cold after some twenty minutes of standing outside with a temperature in the upper forties in shorts and a t-shirt. So, I ran back into the house to grab a hoodie which also had some gloves in the pockets. While I am running in and out of the house, my sleeping wife is hearing the alarm system making its little sound due to the front door’s busyness.

In the end, I did get some decent pictures of part of the eclipse. Of the one-hundred-plus pictures I took, fifteen were keepers. Here are a couple of them for your viewing enjoyment. The rest can be seen on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ken.hasekamp). As you look at the pics, think about my neighbors driving by the guy in the white t-shirt and shorts. Silly man!

Thanks for reading this edition of Ken’s Korner, neighbor. Enjoy the day!

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